New officers for 2017 sworn in at the January meeting are from left, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Riley, Chaplain Fred Bultman, Color Guard Commander Shane Steele, President Carl Hill, Webmaster Stephen Kirby, Registrar/Historian Tom Green, Newsletter Editor Dave Bloomer, and Past President Ron Brown. Not present were Publicity Chairman Tom Meinecke, and Sgt at Arms, Nate Lewis.
  • President - Thomas J. McCormick
  • Vice President - Vacant
  • Secretary – Bob Riley
  • Treasurer – Bob Riley
  • Registrar/Historian – Tom Green
  • Newsletter Editor - Vacant
  • Webmaster - Stephen Kirby
  • Chaplain - Fred Bultman
  • Color Guard Commander – Shane Steele
  • Sargent at Arms - Nate Lewis
  • Social Chair - (Honorary) Sharon Aldrich

Past Presidents


Carl V. Hill, Jr.2016-2017
Ron Brown2014-2015
Tom Meinecke2013
Lovell Aldrich2012
Dennis Nall2010-2011
Marshall Wichard2009
Tom Meinecke2008
Lee Phillips2007
Fred Bultmen2005-2006
Shane Steele2004
Lance Salge2003
Sam Bartholomew2002
Mike Green2000-2001
Tom McCormick1999
Lovell Aldrich1996-1998
Carl V. Hill, Jr. - Founding President  1993-1996